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Must Haves- July Fashion Finds

In July fashion must haves we are really going with the latest trends. Sunglasses are a must have this summer add some flair by going for some unique frames. Denim is very in this season. The mini is showing up all over the runways. Lastly graphic tees are very poppin this season #thepinkelephant #trends


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Trendz: Under $150

Fall 2018 is all about making a statement. We have gathered a couple of cuff bracelets that won't break your pockets but still have you slaying all Fall long! All of these items are from The Pink Elephant. You have the elegant two line rhinestone cuff bracelet in a silver-tone. Next we have the silver cutout Aztec arm cuff this arm cuff can be worn many different ways. You can put it up your arm or wear it as a cuff bracelet, depending on your outfit. Lastly we have the rose gold rhinestone statement cuff bracelet. This classy bracelet can be paired with everything to give your look an instant classy feel. @shopmypinkelephant #trendz #stylewatch #shopmypinkelephant #thepinkelephant

Style Your Era Monthly

Its true what they say, history repeats its self. We see it all the  time with music, fashion, and even movies. With fashion its timeless. Remember that picture you saw of your mom with the bright colors and leggings on, and then you went and bout leggings with lace on the bottom, and now your sister is wearing leggings with a matching top? See how that happens an without effort. We took an era of style and brought it  through a time machine just like the example I gave you.  Drum roll please....Chic 70's! The 70's was all about being neutral with mixtures of color, flow, and just earthy. With the spin on bell bottoms from the jeans and the flow characteristic form the top we'd say this 70's look in 2018 is 10 out of 10!

Accessories on Accessories

Some people are shoe people and some are love bags. They can continue to spend and splurge as  they build their collection. So what about accessory people you say? No worries if you have tons we are going to show you how to rock them all! Feel like wearing a hat with your casual look? Well why not pair it with some bold earrings. Your hat is already taking and adding. Its taking by covering up some of your hair of course, and adding that extra piece to your look. By adding the earrings you're balancing the look up top. Some of us think a good scarf adds the right amount of flirtiness to a look, but you don't want to over crowd by adding any necklaces or head pieces, so opt for some bangles. This adds attention to two places and equal parts. Nothing like a good pair of sunglasses. With all the different styles there is too many to choose from. They are a must have for Fall 2018. Adding a simple metal collar necklace helps with your look. Try to play your necklace color off of …